Attending a Tres Dias Weekend

Attending a Tres Dias weekend begins with a desire to grow deeper in your current relationship with Christ. In order to attend a weekend, all candidates must be sponsored by someone that has completed a Tres Dias weekend (or similar renewal weekend). Prayerful consideration by both you and your sponsor are an important first step in discerning God’s will for your attendance. Please note by HCTD (Las Huellas de Cristo Tres Dias) tradition, if you are a married candidate, the husband must attend the men’s weekend first before the wife will be able to attend a women’s weekend.

Step 1.

Candidate fees. The weekend candidate fee is $180.00 to attend an HCTD weekend. A minimum $30.00 deposit must be submitted either by yourself or your sponsor to register for the weekend as we do have a limited number of spots available each weekend. If making the minimum $30 deposit, that amount will go towards the total tuition fee.

You can make a payment through Zelle using You can also submit payment by mail. HCTD Treasurer 3005 Bayport Cir. Rowlett, TX 75088. Please contact your sponsor for any questions.  You can also contact the Pre_Weekend Committee for more information

Step 2.

Complete the HCTD Candidate Application.. Only one application is needed per married couple.  Applications are available to download as a Word file or as a PDF document. The application can also be filled out online and submitted directly to your sponsor.  See options on the next page for completing the application.

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